Where did everyone go? Old Forum vs. New

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Where did everyone go? Old Forum vs. New

Postby Porkchop Express » Wed May 17, 2017 8:28 am

I was just checking out the old forum and it seems like it was a lot more active. Tons of members with a lot of posts. My question is what happened to all those members and why is this forum not as active as the old one? Did the old members not want to join when this one was created? Or do you think social media is to blame for this forum and forums in general dying out? I can actually see that. Being back in the day this was the only place for BTILC talk and now you got Facebook and whatever else. I mean I'm in a few BTILC Facebook groups myself. What's your opinions on the matter? I know there is still a few of you left to answer this. lol.
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Re: Where did everyone go? Old Forum vs. New

Postby Ninjahero » Thu May 18, 2017 5:49 am

Good question. I think all those things are partially to blame. For some reason lots of people didn't migrate over to the new forum. I think a big part of that was people belonged to that forum for years. But they checked it very rarely. So if it was something you only checked a few times a year, you might not have even been around during the switch over. Also FB and other social media platforms had to play a part. If you check FB every day and there's a BTiLC forum, you get notifications and it's super easy to be part of. Here we all have to visit a different site and see what's new. And I think you're totally right that forums like this are sort of a thing of the past for the internet. Not really what most people use anymore.

So maybe the way we save this is we form BTiLC InstaSnapTwitBook. All the fun of our original board, but every discussion has to be done in 140 pictures or less and it vanishes after 24 hours. What do you think? ;-)
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