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BTILC's Budget

PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:51 pm
by EC8CH
You see people write a lot that BTILC was a "low budget" movie, but it's estimated budget of $25 million is well above comparable films of the day. Raiders of the lost Arc was $18, and Aliens was $18.5

Seems to me it was a fairly big budget pictures unless I'm missing something.

I do have to admit that at times some of the sets seem kinda low budget (underneath Chinatown, running through the streets after the alley fight scene). Although that doesn't change the fact that it's still the greatest movie of all time.

Re: BTILC's Budget

PostPosted: Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:23 am
by Ninjahero
Yeah, they had a fair amount of money at the time. I think the film looked good for what it was. I'm sure the special effects accounted for the extra money.

Re: BTILC's Budget

PostPosted: Sun May 26, 2013 7:12 pm
by Jack Burton
The creatures were expensive to create and animate, I am sure they consumed most of the finances. The special effects were amazing for their time as well. It's cheaply done with CGI now. In my opinion this movie wouldn't have the same feel if it were CGI.