Sopwith (1984) [DOWNLOAD]


Sopwith was likely BMB Compuscience's first foray into the computer gaming realm. The game was written in assembly language and had some multiplayer capabilities coded in, taking advantage of BMB's "Imaginet" that linked with Atari ST's.

Sopwith did not have much of a physics model, but it allowed you to fly a 16x16 pixel plane along a scrolling map, shooting buildings and other planes. You could also drop bombs on your enemy, making Sopwith 1 resemble the classic arcade game "Scramble"

Sopwith included an option to play against the computer, a weak AI plane that couldn't follow your plane very well.

The game is quite unplayable on today's PCs due to its lack of an internal clock that limits framerate. The only way to play on anything faster than an 4 Mhz IBM XT is to use the Open Source program "DosBox", which emulates older PCs.