Sopwith 3 (2003) [DOWNLOAD]


Back in 1995, I began to work in a joint collaboration with my UCLA roommate on a new and improved version of the classic game "Sopwith."

Sopwith NT (The proposed title) was planned to run in Windows 95 with the networkable option never available in the old Sopwith. We wanted to include 256 Color VGA color support, network support for up to 4 players, new maps and theaters of conflict (WWI, WWII, Korea, Etc), as well as better music and sound effects taking advantage of today's sound cards.

My roommate began working on the project, and even had a flying plane after about a week. I designed the sprite data using a shareware program called VSP Maker. Then... his hard drive crashed and he didn't have backups of his work. When I pestered him to start the project over again, he didn't want to spend the time and effort, and had other projects.

Thus I created a Sopwith website on Geocities to try to drum up support for other programmers out there to renew the cause. I received many contacts over the years, but nobody ever came up with a solid project plan or results.

Then a classic game enthusiast and programmer named Andrew Jenner contacted me about his remake of the old PC game "Digger" and suggested that the same could be done to resurrect Sopwith. After decompiling the ASM code into C, Andrew began work on the newest version of Sopwith, Sopwith 3.

Thanks to the efforts of Sopwith pioneers Jornand de Buisonje, Andrew Jenner, and Dave Clark, Sopwith 3 is now available via

[Download link on SourceForge]

The Sopwith 3 developers were:

Programming - Andrew Jenner, Jornand de Buisonjé
Graphics - Andrew Durdin, Josh Horowitz
Sound and Music Design - Josh Horowitz
Original code by David C Clark