Sopwith Game Files (and more)

Note: Most of these files require a PC (or PC emulator) to download.

An Italian version of Sopwith2.
Andrew Jenner's modified Sopwith source files.
A modified version of Sopwith created using a hex-editor by Samor of the Netherlands. Includes a blocky landscape and funky music.
Sopwith programmer David Clark's modified source files.
A side-scrolling Sopwith-esque DOS game by Shawn LeBlanc
The original source code to Sopwith, courtesy of Sopwith creator, David Clark. Downloading this file means you agree to the licensing agreement.
Sopwith 1 with a different name (Download DosBox to play it)
Winsock extensions needed to play multiplayer Sopwith ME. Install with dynamic option.
A challenging modification to the cult classic
Steve Bennett's Sopwith clone - Steve attempted to bring back Sopwith with VGA graphics - and here is the result!
The Sopwith2 Map Editor by Matt Zebrowski (Magitek Chocobo) - Allow's full scrolling viewing of any imported Sopwith map, and full export capabilities!
A modified map I created using the Sopwith2 Map Editor
Andrew Durdin's Sopwith Map Editor. Click here to read the instructions to run it.
A MIDI theme to Sopwith 3 I put together back in college.
A funky music mix of the Sopwith theme, made by myself using Sonic Foundry ACID
The original Sopwith (Download DosBox to play it)
The cult classic! Click here to read the instructions that came with the game in 1984.
A Flash-based Sopwith experiment from 2005.
Sopwith 3.0.0 - Initial release on Sourceforge
Sopwith 3 Alpha - the first phase of the Sopwith 3 project.
Sopwith - The Author's Edition - Personally modified by Sopwith creator David Clark of BMB Compuscience! Includes new graphics, framerate, weapons, and functionality.
Jornand de Buisonjé's new Sopwith version, with Internet Multiplayer capabilities!
A clone of Sopwith2 with altered text by "Frank and Jeff" with comments about "Barry."