Sopwith 2 - The Author's Edition (2000) [DOWNLOAD]


Sopwith 2 - The Author's Edition is an update to the classic Sopwith experience by the original Sopwith programmer David Clark.

From David Clark's webpage:

"In the spring of 1984, I joined BMB Compuscience in Milton, Ontario as an R&D programmer. My first task was to development a piece of software to demonstrate the use of BMB's new PC network product, soon to be named Imaginet. What better crowd catcher at the trade shows than a multi-user arcade game being played over the network. Hence, Sopwith was born. Since then, Sopwith has gained a small following on the Net.

If you choose to download Sopwith, please don't be too critical. Keep in mind the what PC's were like in the early '80s: 640K was a dream, megahertz weren't invented yet, 2400 baud modems were the rage if you could find something to connect to, and you had 9 megabytes of hard drive to play with. Sopwith, all 43K of it, hasn't changed much from those heady days. Please note that the multi-user functionality has been removed since it was based on BMB's proprietary Imaginet network. Some day, I will get to work on writing a simple enhancement to communicate over today's network protocols."


Sopwith - The Author's Edition is a greatly modified version of the original Sopwith with the following features:

- Faster framerate
- Novice (with unlimited ammo / no stalls) and Expert mode for Single Player
- Includes new sprites (bullet holes and dead birds)
- Allows your plane to be damaged and still be flyable
- Missiles and Flares(!)
- Enemy planes drop bombs and fire missiles
- Altered status bar
- A few new surprises (try colliding with the oxen!)